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1) The idea of predication relies on Harris' (1976) theory that language is made up of discourses (grammatically more or less well-formed clauses) rather than words, and that discourses are related to one another via paraphrastic transformations.
As for discourse typology, which is also part of discussions in DA, three types may be differentiated: ludic, authoritative and controversial, respectively characterized as predominantly polysemic, paraphrastic and balanced.
Where I depart from Chayes's more paraphrastic and narrative-explicatory approach is in a dedicated focus upon the shapes and sounds and resonating backgrounds of its particular and irreplaceable words.
Commonly the new version contains bits of original dialogue within the context of a dominant paraphrastic structure.
The reader finds the anticipated poetic dialogue between Heine and Baudelaire silenced under paraphrastic expanses of "considerations theoriques," and all of the poems in German relegated to the endnotes.
To the extent that the poem thus resists the paraphrastic reduction of its meaning, the reader is encouraged to participate in Prufrock's own experience of disorientation and dislocation; at the same time, and relatedly, the images, sounds, and rhythms of the poem are defamiliarized--and so felt more keenly.
Coverage includes the basic concepts of meaning and referring; meaning as referring; meaning as use; verification, truth functional and inferential theories; descriptive and causal theories; philosophy, linguistics and cognitive science; and the cipher or paraphrastic account of conventional meaning.
In the Small Catechism, his explanations of both the First Commandment and the Sixth break the normal paraphrastic nature of the work.
is indirect, paraphrastic, and as though ashamed of itself .
Instead, using a strict repetition of lines 9-10, in lines 19-20, Sam used a doublet where the variations were essentially paraphrastic.
This is followed by a paraphrastic citation of Isa.
Their discourse and manner of reasoning I thought so much above their appearance, and so apropos to the present times, that I soon resolv'd to put them down in a paraphrastic doggrel, and send them to you as a present, either to publish, or suppress, just as your whimmy fancy pleased.
A categorical face swinging into recessed view at the extent of the so-called tribe (or paraphrastic implants).