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seemingly outside normal sensory channels


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not in accordance with scientific laws

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TRIAL: An experimentally defined smallest unit of measurement in a test of psi: in a test of ESP, it is usually associated with the attempt to gain information paranormally about a single target; in a test of PK, it is usually defined in terms of the single events to be influenced.
We talk about her hairstyle and her treasured childhood memories and her paranormally gifted aunt.
TARGET: In a test of ESP, the object or event that the percipient attempts to identify through information paranormally acquired; in a test of PK, the physical system, or a prescribed outcome thereof, that the subject attempts to influence or bring about.
She is joined by a group of paranormally gifted young people who aid her in capturing ghostly creatures.
The episode of UPN's ``The Sentinel'' that will likely serve as Leigh Taylor-Young's swan song from the show airs Monday - with her character trying to sell a book about Richard Burgi's paranormally gifted fighter of evil.
Consequently, in the bipolar universe of linguistics, the possibility that a child could paranormally absorb a structure so complex as a language's grammar is unthinkable: At one pole, children obtain their knowledge of language via surrounding adults' induction; at the other, children have an abstract knowledge of the language when they are born.
Or, stated in a more general way, the question is whether a percipient is better able to locate the target paranormally when asked to imagine it (the "mental" way of receiving) or when asked merely to designate it directly with a simple motor response (the "motor" way of receiving).
This article examines the conceptual and methodological issues of the "content-source" problem in modern mediumship/channeling research; that is, use of the content of mediumistic/channeled communications to determine the source or origin of those communications--whether normally, abnormally, or paranormally conceived.