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Synonyms for paranormal

seemingly outside normal sensory channels


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not in accordance with scientific laws

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These newer writers conduct their experiments in paranormality in terms of such theoretical or graphic analogues to the mind-matter interface as fractal geometry, 'standing wavefronts', string theory, and the like.
Aluthge and Derming Wang, An Operator Inequality which implies Paranormality, Mathematical Inequalities & Applications, 2(1999), No.
Notes on the elusiveness problem in relation to a radical view of paranormality.
Wiseman's latest book, Paranormality, happens to differ from all my other books in two ways: first because on its spine is printed the word "Professor," and second because on its back cover is a quote by the biologist Richard Dawkins, a former Professor of the Public Understanding of Science.
There are similar parallels between religion and paranormality, including, first, an emphasis on rejection of the material and acceptance of the spiritual and, second, a belief in nonempirical truths (Goode, 2000).
Many researches have adopted Broad's (1953) conceptualization of paranormality as a phenomenon which violates the fundamental and scientifically founded principles of nature.