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Synonyms for paranormal

seemingly outside normal sensory channels


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not in accordance with scientific laws

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Fans are invited to watch Destination Americas series and specials anywhere, including seasons 1 and 2 of PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN, anytime on DestinationAmerica.
I play an investigative officer to examine all the paranormal activities happening in the college.
Second, the delusional origins of paranormal beliefs may well prove to be a tenable account for many members of the general population, but there may still be some groups of people for whom this is not the case.
As a paranormal investigator, Calek has spent over 25 years investigating the world's most haunted locations, in search for answers to the bizarre, the mysterious and the unexplained.
A job advert appeared on Facebook to recruit new members, asking: "Are you interested in the paranormal realm?
Ghosthunter Dave Eaves, who has been exploring paranormal activity for 16 years, said some of the ghost stories could well be true.
The basic history of the US and world is in the story but Martin has added in magic, mythology, fantasy and paranormal people.
Scott put up the URL of the photo in which Paranormal Crucible found the alien skull.
THE founder member of a Midlands ghost club says he is sceptical about the paranormal after half a century.
CLINTON -- True-to-Life Paranormal Research will be investigating the Bigelow Free Public Library for paranormal happenings and hauntings this month.
Peak Paranormal is a paranormal investigation team, based in Holme.
In Haunted Teesside, paranormal investigator Rebecca Hall, pictured, discovers the locations where strange experiences are a regular occurrence.
A GHOST event company has announced new dates for paranormal investigators to spend time at a reputedly haunted Black Country hotel.
Paranormal activity ranges from the frequent smell of cigar smoke to piano music heard inside abandoned lighthouses where there is no piano or radio
Panayappan, Paranormal composition operators, Indian J.