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a person afflicted with paranoia

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At least, this is what a paranoiac does with history, as she shows through examples from Schreber's pathological writings.
There's no point rail networks ploughing millions of pounds into investment programmes when they continue employing neanderthals with a paranoiac hatred of the public.
The former must sound like a contradiction in terms: The paranoiac is typically under some system of internally coherent false beliefs that he (more rarely, she) holds immune from criticism.
The fulsome praise lavished on this lifelong, red-baiting paranoiac was bad enough, but the two things that were truly infuriating were the incredible simplifications of his legacy and the wholesale rewriting of American and world history.
Peter the Great and Stalin, the same paranoiac brutality, the fate of their sons, and their ruthless policy to open Russia to the West so that it becomes a Great Power, by building up a great army and a big industry, the same central planning based on notions which the West, that had created them, was just shedding.
Defense is the clearest case, serving in the past as the obvious antidote to their deep, even paranoiac fear of communism.
Reince is a f ing paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac," Scaramucci told the New Yorker.
Judge Melanie McReynolds said Stewart had been "motivated by some bizarre paranoiac thought process".
Sharon (Elizabeth Bogush) --who's about to get married in Southern California--Bill ventures to the ceremony, but not before tragedy hits Jerm, and Bill goes on a bender of paranoiac delusion.
Doesn't he understand that you don't score the two goals that knock Italy out of a major tournament if you happen to work in that country because they get pretty paranoiac about such things.
Then there's Fergie's claim that "the Palace is out to get me" - more paranoiac Diana-speak.
Picasso claimed he saw a squirrel in the painting"Yes, I know, it's a paranoiac vision," he said,
Later, Scaramucci apologized for using "colorful" language in the conversation he had with Lizza, where he called Priebus "a f paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac.
In recent years, Brooklyn-based artist William Powhida has garnered a reputation as a gadfly caricaturist with his drawings that diagram, in paranoiac detail, the art world as a socially, politically, and economically dysfunctional system.
In his magnum opus, Penthouse and Pavement, a celebration of the mediocrity of Scottish football, the odious Sun hack Bill Leckie explains the phenomenon of match officials favouring big clubs (yes, he accepts this happens as an incontestable fact but in no way would consider himself a paranoiac like us) like this: "It stands to reason that if there are thirty (referees) on the grade one books, then maybe twenty will have a leaning towards one of the 'Old Firm' - and will have the same inbuilt attitudes as everyone else in the same boat.