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the state of being paramount

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180) Thus, as one commentator believes, the applicability of the paramountcy principle will make little difference.
Once in power, the military proceeded to de-institutionalize political parties and to reassert its paramountcy over all domestic institutions.
Of course, federal regulation of consent policy does not preclude the setting of provincial standards, provided such standards do not run foul of federal paramountcy.
71) Assuming timely normal cost contributions, this lien will, unfortunately, virtually ensure that the PBGF does not recover monies that it pays out because the doctrine of federal paramountcy holds that provincial liens are ineffective under federal bankruptcy law.
Based on the statutory Paramountcy Principle - which states the welfare of a child is foremost - the new guidelines set out how the diocese will deal with allegations of sexual abuse involving children within the Catholic church.
The need to be mindful of "language and regional balance" in recruitment and selection of staff has paramountcy over that of "equal opportunity" and "gender balance".
The poet's profile under Islam was higher than any other profession because of the paramountcy of eloquence in the Arabic culture.
In addition the analysis suggests three tests to determine the nature of language rights (and human rights): these are practicality (promotion or toleration), paramountcy (supremely sacred), and universality (provided equally) (pp.
He notes the difficult geo-political position of Pakistan, he notes the near impossibility of trade with India, and he notes the importance of domestic problems, and perhaps even their paramountcy.
Though none is uniquely Asian, I am thinking particularly of the prominence of community over the individual, the primacy of social stability and public order, the paramountcy of notions of duty and responsibility, and a deeply rooted disinclination to interfere in the internal affairs of other states.
Concerns about credibility shared paramountcy with the fear of losing Southeast Asia, but optimism was not high.
Men who shaped modern India's destiny like Nehru and Sardar Patel's thinking was predicated on the legality of paramountcy and was governed by some unalterable facts: After the unsuccessful revolution of 1857, the paramountcy of the East India Company was transferred to the Crown of England.
This action thus relates to John Bowlby's attachment theory via the paramountcy of mother-child relationship wherein the mental health of both child and mother are pegged to their interwoven, intimate relationship, with the father acting in a supporting role.
The often-repeated assertion that federalism "invests ultimate legal responsibility in governmental decision-making to only one level of decisionmaking authority" (Stein and Turkewitsch 2008: 13) is untenable for most contemporary federal systems, except in very narrowly defined constitutional terms, and even then concurrency trumps paramountcy more often than not.
In a statement issued on June 17, 1947, Jinnah said: "That after the lapse of Paramountcy the Indian States would be constitutionally and legally sovereign states and free to adopt for themselves any course they wished.