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an issue whose settlement is more important than anything else

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Fernley stressed that the Force India team fully supported the Bahrain Grand Prix but safety was the paramount issue.
The With the heads of the army and the police, the attorney general, and several cabinet ministers and MPs standing beside her as she spoke, Mrs Banda said that the paramount issue to be discussed at the cabinet meeting is on the funeral of the father of the nation.
He started out by damning Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for portraying Iran as an immediate threat and the paramount issue for Israel.
Right now, there are many concerned expatriates for whom security is a paramount issue, just as it is for most Bahrainis.
Instead of unifying their party by making President Grant's failures in Reconstruction their paramount issue, northeastern Democrats failed to understand southern Democrats' mania to dump the surviving Republican Reconstruction governments in Louisiana, South Carolina, and Florida.
Although I accept the identity of the airport is important, the paramount issue here is whether the airport can survive with only servicing four airports year-round.
On his part, the Arab Crescent and Red Cross Organization's (ARCO) Secretary General Abdullah Al-Hazz'a said during the event that the most paramount issue at hand was to address the plight of the Palestinian people who have been sufferin for 60 years from the injustice imposed by Israel.
Implementation of healthcare reform is critically important and the paramount issue for our member firms.
Load shedding is the paramount issue affecting most Pakistanis and in spite of their demoralised state, the load shedding induced resentment and frustration that is brewing in the masses could boil over on to the streets on a much larger scale than it has so far.
Subsequently, the wellbeing of consumer and producer interests remains a paramount issue.
Likud more than doubled its seats in the election 10 days ago in which the security of the Jewish state was the paramount issue, after a 2006 conflict with Hezbollah Islamists in Lebanon and a war with Islamist Palestinian Hamas in Gaza last month.
Saeb Erekat, an aide to Abbas, said the label attached to a document agreed by both sides was not the paramount issue.
Power consumption is a paramount issue, and the industry is devoid of low energy, small form factor solutions for this escalating problem.
But the paramount issue is about young people hanging around in the area.
That has blurred the difference between them and the most ardent security-first Republicans, including those in the race for governor, attorney general and the 5th Congressional District, who have made clamping down at the border the paramount issue in their campaigns.