paramilitary unit

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a group of civilians organized in a military fashion (especially to operate in place of or to assist regular army troops)

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Stankovic, as a member of a paramilitary unit in Foca, took part in the arrest of Muslim Bosnian civilians in the town at the start of the war.
By Misha Savic BELGRADE, Serbia--Four members of a notorious Serb paramilitary unit who were videotaped gunning down Bosnians near Srebrenica were convicted of war crimes on Tuesday, two years after the footage forced Serbia to admit its role in the 1995 slaughter of nearly 8,000 Muslim men and boys.
It was a cult, it was a revivalist party, it was an intelligence operation, it was a paramilitary unit, and it was an international organization that was rapidly building branches in many Middle Eastern countries.
Ten years later, at the start of the Second World War, the Schutzstaffel had developed into the elite paramilitary unit of the Nazi party and had over 250,000 people amongst its ranks.
OUSTED loyalist terror chief Johnny ``Mad Dog'' Adair has been warned to stop prolonging the feud in his old paramilitary unit.
Ex-general Patrick McClanahan, who was railroaded out of the Air Force, heads a paramilitary unit known as the Night Stalkers.
It was headlined, `Three Arkan men caught in Zvornik'--Arkan was the leader of a Serbian paramilitary unit which committed crimes in Bosnia, and who was later assassinated.
Now in his most recent film, the lush Gohatto (Japanese for "taboo")--for which Sakamoto has written the score--Oshima tracks the unsettling, sometimes deadly spell that a stunning teenage warrior casts on a number of men in his 19th-century Japanese paramilitary unit [see review, page 70].
In 1993, for instance, Roque Murcia, now 54, and his wife, Delia, fled from their farm near Turbo in the northwest after a heavily armed paramilitary unit accused residents of collaborating with the guerrillas.
Al-Mahdi was thrown in jail for almost a month after accusing the paramilitary unit of committing serious abuses against civilians in conflict zones.
The current government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina cancelled the lease last year, intending to put up multi-storey buildings for families of army officers killed in a mutiny in a paramilitary unit headquarters in Dhaka.
It is revealed that Boskovski is supported by former members of the paramilitary unit "Lions" while Gruevski by people that are employed in the police or army.
The video shows members of a notorious Serbia paramilitary unit known as the Scorpions.
Clashes between Hamas and Fatah have become more frequent since the government deployed a new, 3,000-member paramilitary unit last week.
In the first episode he was filmed leaving the abbey with Gary McCormick, a 36-year-old painter and former member of a Protestant paramilitary unit from Northern Ireland, in search of "virgins and cigarettes" in a nearby village.