paramilitary organization

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a group of civilians organized in a military fashion (especially to operate in place of or to assist regular army troops)

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The Badr Organization, a Shiite paramilitary organization funded by Iran, is constructing a road to strengthen its positions across the mixed areas of Diyala and neighboring Salahuddin province.
Like the Palestine Liberation Organization before it, Hezbollah has consistently endeavored to impose legal acceptance of its claim to exist as a paramilitary organization.
The first type prohibits paramilitary organization altogether, and the second proscribes paramilitary training.
Fields administered a test of emotional temperament and reactivity to 28 members of a Northern Ireland paramilitary organization.
The culprits were two of Tony's high school classmates, acting under the instructions of another boy who convinced them that they were part of a secret paramilitary organization.
BOGOTA -- There is a confusing report that the leader of the country's right-wing paramilitary movement, Carlos Castano, has submitted his resignation as head of the Self Defense Forces of Colombia (AUG), the paramilitary organization he commands.
He told a newspaper that civilians in the paramilitary organization run by the department may have been involved in terrorist incidents in the 1970s without his knowledge.
BOGOTA -- The head of the right-wing paramilitary organization United Self Defense Forces of Colombia says his organization kidnapped eight Colombian members of Congress as a sign of rebellion against the government.
It is a paramilitary organization that is accustomed to enforcing clear-cut laws on what is and is not allowed.
We have a paramilitary organization that encourages a code of silence.
They said that those arrested were members of the Viper Militia, a small, little-known paramilitary organization whose activities have, so far, been confined to Arizona.
The three others who died were in a third expedition manned by members of the Indo-Tibetan Border Force, an Indian paramilitary organization.
I should count myself in, too, because as a kid, I played countless hours with a non-firing youth replica left over from the pre-WWII youth paramilitary organizations.
Schumann focuses on political violence in the Prussian province of Saxony, which saw widespread fighting during the Communist "March Actions" of 1921 and in which the two leading Weimar paramilitary organizations were founded: the right-wing Stahlhelm and the Social Democratic Reichsbanner.