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a group of civilians organized in a military fashion (especially to operate in place of or to assist regular army troops)

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The reply said that 33 cases were sent to India's Defence and Home Ministries for sanctioning the prosecution of the involved army and paramilitary personnel during the period but no sanction was granted in a single case till date.
As per the special powers granted to Rangers under the Anti-Terrorism Act, the paramilitary force, which has had a presence in Karachi for several years, can take independent action against criminals and suspected terrorists.
The study, which dates from May last year, outlines a number of challenges in taking on the criminals but adds we must "consider how and when" we are prepared "to stop treating remaining groups as paramilitary organisations and, instead, treat them as organised crime gangs".
Our schools are shut down by the military and paramilitary groups called Alamara.
Furthermore, providing security to vital installations was also included in notified responsibilities of the paramilitary force.
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland James Brokenshire said: There was never any justification for paramilitary groups, there is none today and there will not be in the future.
Our major demands to the government are the granting of OROP to paramilitary veterans, exemption of serving troops from contributory pension scheme and extending full benefits to these forces under the exservicemen category," he added.
As of August 30 this year, Karapatan has documented 77 cases of extrajudicial killings involving paramilitary groups.
Zardari has evolved his reputation as a cool and compromising politician but his outburst against the army came when the paramilitary Rangers issued a press release disclosing 230 rupees as the sum of money annually raised illegally in this southern province.
Our paramilitary force in Latehar region has been functioning very effectively and today I have come here to meet them.
He said the ex--president created that paramilitary group and his assistants were his brother Santiago and cousins Luis and Juan Villegas Uribe.
7 (BNA) -- Venezuela has arrested one of Colombia''s most wanted fugitive drug lords and senior commander of paramilitary organization AUC (Autodefensas Unidas De Colombia / United Self-Defense Units of Colombia), Martin Llanos, together with his brother, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos confirmed late Monday.
Summary: A watchdog set-up by the British and Irish governments to monitor paramilitary violence in Northern Ireland is to be shut down.
In 1996, combat between the paramilitary and left-wing guerrillas first forced him and his 45-family community to flee their farms, joining Colombia's displaced population of more than 4 million.
Twelve pro-Uribe legislators have been convicted on charges linked to rightist paramilitary death squads, while at least another 80 legislators are under investigation for alleged links to paramilitary groups.