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Couvreux, 2013: Resolved versus parametrized boundary-layer plumes.
The choice of [LAMBDA] is parametrized by a subgroup of [[LAMBDA].
The subprogram check(f) is parametrized by a constant t that is handled by dingo and replaced with successive integers starting from 0.
These models have many requirements, including the ability to accurately predict or construct bounds on the average refrigerant concentration in a space, the ability to be parametrized using common characteristics (e.
Bhandari, "Block-oriented feedforward control with demonstration to nonlinear parametrized Wiener modeling," Chemical Engineering Research and Design, vol.
1) We apply the conformal mapping construction method to the domain with the boundary parametrized as
A lasting focus for path planning and replanning algorithms is on generating a safe path that minimizes the length metric, one of the most desirable performance metrics for diverse applications, since the length of a parametrized path is unchanged under reparametrization.
To apply time-scaling control, the reference trajectory (8) must to be parametrized as a function of a variable s(t) called virtual time
Rozza, Reduced Basis Approximation and A Posteriori Error Estimation for Parametrized Partial Differential Equations, MIT, 2012.
We parametrized the portfolio weights using three characteristics: the book-to-market ratio, the market equity and the one year momentum.
Hodges describes mixed liner models using normal distributions and some richly parametrized models that can be expressed this way and can be analyzed using conventional and Bayesian methods for mixed linear models.
Lange [HL07] are parametrized by the choice of certain labelings of the convex (d + 3)-gon, or equivalently by a sequence of d +1 signs in {-, +}.
We first give an algorithm parametrized by an additional integer [psi], which illustrates the main ideas developed in this paper.
However, as argued below, such a clash is not only inevitable but necessary and leads to a parametrized understanding of the concept of head in compounds (Scalise and Fabregas 2010).