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inflammation of connective tissue adjacent to the uterus

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Uterine prolapse with endometrial eversion in association with an unusual diffuse, polypoid, fibrosing perimetritis and parametritis in a cat.
3- acute And at least one parametritis and pelvic of the following: cellulitis * Meets the surveillance * 614.
miometritis, parametritis derecha, y trombosis del infundibulo pelvico derecho.
Documented complications from this procedure include pain, cramping, hydrorrhea,[19,20] a malodorous discharge,[21] acute bilateral salpingitis,[20] local infection with mild endometritis and parametritis, heavy vaginal bleeding and pyometra,[22] mucometra,[23] and vasomotor syncope.
La infeccion, expresada como endometritis, parametritis y piometra es muy rara.