parametric statistic

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any statistic computed by procedures that assume the data were drawn from a particular distribution

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The aminotransferases increased according to the number of CT findings and were log transformed for the parametric statistics (AST, P = 0.
Additionally, the level of AST and log AST, transformed for the parametric statistics, was mostly elevated according to the number of CT findings (P = 0.
Considering that the sample size is small, asymptotic results of Classical Parametric Statistics cannot be used.
Taleb's two decades of experience generated a profound distrust of parametric statistics as they are applied to the assessment of risk and uncertainty, but most of all to making economic predictions.
But his wholesale dismissal of parametric statistics is another matter.
Naturally, Taleb's methods do not depend on parametric statistics.
An underlying assumption for the use of parametric statistics is that the dependent variable, particularly, is normally distributed in the population.
He also suggests that the Supreme Court give greater weight to quantitative data and inferences drawn from parametric statistics and that law school curricula include courses in the use of statistics and scientific reasoning.
In a manner analogous to parametric statistics, testing of significance is also made available in logit models.
These are not longitudinal studies of the same children, but they do represent national samples of the population drawn with considerable sophistication - one of the few instances, in fact, where all students in the population being sampled actually have an equal chance of being in a sample, a requirement if parametric statistics are to be used properly.
Distribution-free and robust statistical methods: viable alternatives to parametric statistics.
Parametric statistics and ordinal data: A pervasive misconception.