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a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are both parallel and equal in length

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As we discussed the shapes, I started to draw squares, rectangles, trapezoids, rhombuses, parallelogram and kites onto the white board.
Measure and mark across parallelogram with lines equal to the width of your bias strip, as shown.
He pictured a huge parallelogram nearly two acres in size, and incorporated numerous classically-inspired arched windows beneath a wooden roof.
The ALAP designation reflects "Auxiliary Lift, Air spring, Parallelogram.
The remainder of this article uses the framework to evaluate two notionally similar apps: Area of Shapes (Parallelogram) and Area of Parallelogram,
The image on page 57 shows a combination of smudges and stars forming a squat parallelogram whose north-south dimension spans approximately 3'.
In Figure 3 let ABCD be an arbitrary parallelogram and O be an arbitrary point in pe interior of pe parallelogram.
stripe at the bottom; the delicate intersection of a blue parallelogram and a rectangle forming triangles and additional rectangles in the negative space; light-blue lines of varying thickness arranged to form a rectangle.
Problem: Given a parallelogram and a triangle that has the same height and has doubled base, prove by dissecting the triangle that both shapes have the same areas.
Completing this particular love parallelogram, Jessica previously dated Danny.
Radiologically, the Superior ophthalmic vein forms a parallelogram in antero-posterior projection and has been divided in 3 segments which assistthe surgeon in describing the location of a tumor within the orbit; the posterior third extends from the superior orbital fissure to where the vein enters the muscle cone.
Add a cross member after you've added the plastic, otherwise the frame will keep turning itself into a parallelogram.
For layout requirements, in fact, these parts need to be slightly different from a parallelogram.
Parquet flooring also comes in rectangular or parallelogram block with length ratio being 2:1 or even 3:1 making it easy for installing this type of flooring in two directions at once thus creating a centered and a well-established geometric pattern.
It is well known that Catalan numbers [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] enumerate many combinatorial objects, such as binary trees and parallelogram polyominoes.