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park directly behind another vehicle

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He described it as his "scariest moment ever" but he managed to parallel-park successfully.
The left side-view is offered with the rear view, allowing the driver to more easily observe both the rear and left-front when attempting to parallel-park.
But there is one myth which seems to have become a common put-down for men to level at their female companions - women can't parallel-park.
So it must have come as a major shock to some chauvinists when it was announced yesterday that the mathematical formula for the perfect parallel-park has been devised .
Imagine trying to parallel-park a 40-foot-long, 8-1/2-foot-wide bus, driving through a narrow obstacle course filled with tight turns without hitting any cones, and backing up - in less than 12 minutes.
The compact 4x4 Tiguan will automatically steer itself into a suitable space from the parallel-park position.
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