parallel operation

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the simultaneous execution of two or more operations

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In particular, we are talking about parallel operation of the Ak-Jol customs point so that both Kyrgyz and Kazakh customs authorities could check goods that Kyrgyzstan exports to the markets of Kazakhstan," said the Minister.
However, the game locks the mouse cursor within the primary monitor boundaries and minimizes its window if the user presses the Alt+Tab hotkey, thus preventing any kind of easy parallel operation.
Featuring patent-pending acceleration technologies and providing massively parallel operation and linear scalability with no overhead, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery offers demanding users the fastest password recovery by a huge margin.
Accurate current sharing and fixed frequency synchronization allows reliable parallel operation for easy expansion.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Horizontal Split case Pump in Vertical Execution with all accessories suitable for Parallel Operation with the pump,as per I.
The United Energy System of Central Asia supposed principle of parallel operation until 2009, and energy systems of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan did not pay each other for power flows for own use.
Dual EBI Allows Simultaneous, Parallel Operation of the ARM9 CPU and Graphics Processors.
Additional features include a maximum operating temperature of 175 degrees Centigrade and a positive forward voltage coefficient, which enables parallel operation, allowing designers the ability to utilize multiple XPT discrete devices in parallel to achieve the desired high current requirements of their application.
Associated I & C technology for selectively Pumpeneinzel- / parallel operation with YEARS.
The patented coprocessor interface built into APS processors enables tight integration and parallel operation of the DSP and main CPU functions.
As an available option, the FPQR48T5R050 converter can support parallel operation of multiple units without the need for external components, with a load sharing accuracy within +/- 10%.
Associated I & C technology for selectively Turbineneinzel- / parallel operation with YEARS.
According to the press service of the Ministry of Energy, the Minister acquainted the guest with the current situation in the energy sector, the principles of parallel operation of power systems of Central Asia, as well as the work of the Ministry on loss reduction and energy conservation.
Accidents and control irregularities occur because of persistent lack of coordination and insubordination to the Control centre as well as gross violation of parallel operation of power systems of some member countries.
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