parallel interface

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an interface between a computer and a printer where the computer sends multiple bits of information to the printer simultaneously

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The Parallel interface document for SCSI-3 is SPI (SCSI Parallel Interface).
The part that codifies the SCSI Parallel Interface specification (SPI-3) is where Ultra3 SCSI is defined.
Enhanced Parallel Interface (EPI) technical report reviews the issues of cable length.
The OV3630 supports both a standard 10-bit parallel interface and a high speed serial interface compliant with the second generation compact camera port interface standard (CCP2).
Hi-speed USB systems require a parallel interface between the host controller and PHY in order to run the bus at 480Mbps, increasing complexity and pin count.
Voice coprocessors compress and decompress voice packets from telephone lines or handsets to a host network processor over a parallel interface bus.
A standard parallel interface enables straightforward connection to the AD6633 multi-channel wideband up converter with the VersaCREST(TM) crest reduction engine.
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