parallel interface

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an interface between a computer and a printer where the computer sends multiple bits of information to the printer simultaneously

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With an available Parallel Interface, the LDC 720/750 becomes an efficient, desktop laser printer.
Flexible connectivity is another feature of the Model 116 parallel interface.
The pin out is in the SPI-2 (SCSI Parallel Interface - 2) standard, which is available on the SCSI committee (T10) web site www.
For example, a converter may be attached to a legacy motherboard, allowing the motherboard's parallel interface to attach to serial ATA devices.
The Parallel interface document for SCSI-3 is SPI (SCSI Parallel Interface).
The part that codifies the SCSI Parallel Interface specification (SPI-3) is where Ultra3 SCSI is defined.
Enhanced Parallel Interface (EPI) technical report reviews the issues of cable length.
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