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suggesting by deliberately concise treatment that much of significance is omitted

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This status is someone who informs the process of concealment and revelation in simultaneous inexplicit or withheld information flow as paralepsis (giving of more information than is the norm given the degree of constraint according to focalization or perspective from which story told), or paralipsis (false omission) or analepses (33) (fill in gaps to provide necessary info about a character or event).
There is thus, interplay of paralepsis in adverbiais, whilst paralipsis in concealing semantic meaning associated with adverbiais in immediate context.
If we look again at the scene of the Syrian thieves in terms of material possibility, we see that the paralepsis noted by Courtney begins before the entrance of the Syrians.
Besides, he has woven the description so seamlessly into the text that the paralepsis is hardly noticed--even by so careful a reader as Courtney
As with the other narrative techniques, paralepsis may provide a particular effect.
Paralepsis is a narrative strategy with broad applications: in the earlier examples, it serves as a technical resource allowing the author to present material economically; here it enables the reader to recognize the narrator interpreting events subjectively, cum ira et studio.
Causal clauses can also express motivation, and with a subjunctive in such clauses, the narrator may state another's motivation without paralepsis.
Fortunately, he uses the technique of paralepsis, leaving statements belonging to other's minds unmarked.