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a person with specialized training who assists lawyers

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The trainors compose the Farmer Paralegals Provincial Project Management Team Members of DAR and some are graduates of the University of the Philippines (UP) Law Center First Combined Foundation and Advanced Certificate Course of the Paralegal Training Program on the Philippine Legal System and the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Laws, Rules and Procedures (PTP - CARP).
The Paralegal Mastery: Legal Technology program and the Paralegal Mastery: Legal Research program.
UC Irvine Extension has a long history of delivering top-notch paralegal training with courses and curriculum designed by an esteemed advisory board consisting of attorneys, judges and paralegals.
Amity University's pioneering initiative of launching the Online course in Paralegal will enable the candidates to learn professional paralegal skills anytime, anywhere through interactive teaching and learning process.
Paralegals are assigned a mentor, an experienced paralegal in a different practice area.
Every JA who assigns tasks to or directs a paralegal in the performance of his duties has an ethical obligation to provide appropriate oversight of all assigned tasks.
Paralegal peer nominations must come from members of the CFPA.
If you have not studied law before, you could look for an administrative role with a law firm and study for paralegal qualifications while you are working.
Paralegals, like paralegal specialists, also provide invaluable legal services in many of the same areas described earlier.
For those who join, the role of the paralegal is defined and a clear career path is set out, meaning that paralegals get the credit and professional status they deserve.
It bolsters recent Institute efforts to give paralegal volunteer advisers access to existing pro bono programs; the Institute's work with various government agencies on enhanced rights for paralegals and the Institute/New York Paralegal Association joint creation of transatlantic paralegal competency standards for firms with offices in both jurisdictions.
Paralegals claiming to work on a professional basis for profit have established a committee known as the Namibia National Paralegal Professionals Committee (NNPPC) to pursue and promote their interests.
Initial editorial will include stories and articles on: former paralegals in the entertainment industry; networking; dealing with a male-dominated culture; new case law that affects the paralegal field; best practices for litigation support managers; race relations; and, overtime.
ALM (New York) and the International Paralegal Management Association (IPMA; Avondale Estates, GA) have released the "Annual Compensation Survey for Paralegals/Legal Assistants and Managers, 2008," a survey conducted by ALM's Altman Weil Publications group of 363 organizations, including law firms and law departments, representing over 14,000 paralegal positions.