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Synonyms for paragraph

Synonyms for paragraph

a usually brief detail of news or information

Words related to paragraph

one of several distinct subdivisions of a text intended to separate ideas

divide into paragraphs, as of text

write about in a paragraph

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Defendants deny the allegations of paragraph 4 of the Amended Complaint, except admit that Facebook, Inc.
NAVSEA will not issue an ACN (Advance Change Notice) to remove the requirements of paragraph 300-2.
Where a payment for an item is includible in income, allow the amount to be deducted by the payor, subject to the application of paragraph 18(1)(a).
However, the effects of a termination benefit on an employer's defined benefit pension or OPEB obligations should be accounted for in accordance with paragraph 17 of this Statement.
My attempts at whole-group instruction were met with absent stares, as I tried to teach paragraph structure and the concept of generalization applied to "main ideas" or topic sentences.
3 There is a missing apostrophe in "Im", in paragraph nine.
including a paragraph in the summit's action plan stating, "legal and administrative measures should he taken to prohibit undue concentration of private ownership and control of the media.
When delegates cannot agree on the text, contentious paragraphs are bracketed for discussion at the next meeting.
Many expressed concerns about the limit of paragraph five of Notice 2001-61, and others expressed concern about the inability of individual taxpayers to liquidate funds to pay their estimated tax payments (keeping in mind that the New York Stock Exchange did not reopen until September 17).
Cutting and pasting paragraphs within HTML is the ideal solution, as it's easy to do and the resulting page looks just like the original.
4) Employees who anticipate taking leave under this paragraph are required to provide notice of their intent at least 30 days prior to the date leave is anticipated to begin, or such notice as is practicable if leave becomes necessary before such 30-day notice may be given.
The ED goes on to say (in paragraph 12, page 4) that "[i]n estimating the market value of deposit liabilities, a financial entity shall not take into account the value of core deposit intangibles which are separate intangible assets, but not financial instruments.
If the FASB concludes there is inconsistent accounting for income taxes or that an impairment approach is inconsistent with paragraph 38 of FAS 5 (because enterprises might inappropriately consider the risk of audit detection for unasserted claims related to income taxes), it should issue a clarification of FAS 5 rather than adopting an entirely new model.
Few users realize it, but in Word, the formatting information is stored in, of all places, the paragraph mark.
The categories evaluated were: (1) sentence begins with a capital letter, (2) paragraph indentation, (3) correct punctuation, (4) correct spelling, (5) each paragraph starts a new idea, (6) each paragraph has a clear main idea, (7) each paragraph effectively develops the main idea, (8) correct and consistent subject/verb agreement, (9) descriptive language used throughout, (10) demonstrates a strong command of the English language, (11) proper verb tense, (12) responds fully and effectively to the given prompt, (13) interesting essay, and (14) neat and easy to read.