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(British usage) kerosine

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5] g/mol) were charged into a flask with 100 ml paraffin oil (chemical pure, Tianjin Fuyu Fine Chem Co.
Firstly, sterile paraffin oil was used to lubricate the catheter, which was then clipped by a vascular clamp at the front end, inserted into the urethra and extended about 5-6 cm before urine came out.
In case of quality evaluation of the grain harvested from the plots sprayed with the mixes of chlormequat chloride and the organosilicone surfactant, a significant decrease of the protein and gluten content, as well as of the sedimentation index, has been observed in comparison with the control and the study variants where chlormequat chloride was applied in full dose or in combination with paraffin oil adjuvant (Table 4 and 5).
The tip of a disposable syringe was oriented towards the antenna from a distance of 1 cm, and then 20 [micro]L of stimulus dissolved in paraffin oil at the desired dose (from the lowest to the highest) was loaded on a filter paper strip.
Chemist James Young discovered a method for distilling paraffin oil and wax on a large scale from coal and shale, which is used in lighting, heating and manufacturing.
Baby massage oils are usually made of mineral oils, mentioned on the label as paraffin oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil, but in reality are nothing but fancy names for a liquid produced by distillation of petroleum.
After showing them the glue bottle, she was taken to hospital where doctors used paraffin oil and hot water to dissolve the glue.
5 ml of edible paraffin oil (nanoparticle carrier) were mixed and divided into 2 equal portions in a 10 ml test tube.
Eight tenders for the supply of (a) wax, (b) paraffin oil, (c) emulsifying materials, (d) naphthenic mineral oil, (e) aluminum grains, (f) sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate and sodium acetate, (g) calcium nitrate & adhesive materials made of ethylene.
Take three large garlic cloves and blend with six tablespoons of medicinal paraffin oil.
Hosseini explained about the procedure in which the electrode was produced, and said, "We synthesized the carbon paste containing carbon nanotube by mixing graphite powder, paraffin oil and multi-walled carbon nanotube.
Specialty Chemical includes calcium chloride, calcium chloride (flakes), chlorinated paraffin oil (CPW), ferric chloride, magnesium carbonate, magnesium chloride, nickel chloride, poly aluminum chloride and sulphonated chlorinated paraffin wax.
The shelf life study reveal that the survibility of Trichoderma & Bacillus in paraffin oil was better than other formulation with 4 x [10.