paradoxical sleep

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a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs

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Bullied mice showed many more bouts of paradoxical sleep, resembling the type of sleep disruptions often seen in people with depression.
Tufik, "To what extent is sleep rebound effective in reversing the effects of paradoxical sleep deprivation on gene expression in the brain?
Spatial learning on the Morris Water Maze test after a short-term paradoxical sleep deprivation in the rat.
In the epileptic rats, however, from attentive wakefulness the animal goes directly to Sra or from relaxed wakefulness to pre-paradoxical sleep, but never to paradoxical sleep.
awake (W), SWS, intermediate sleep (IS), and paradoxical sleep (PS).
METHODS: The study consisted of two groups: a control (C) group and a paradoxical sleep deprivation by 96 h (PSD) group.
The paradox of paradoxical sleep is this: mental activity peaks when we sleep most deeply.
Jerking limbs, twitching ears, and groans are common in large animals during paradoxical sleep.
Vogel and Feng (32) found no evidence of an undifferentiated state with both REM sleep and slow wave sleep processes [termed as "half activated paradoxical sleep (or REM sleep) state" (Frank et al (31))] in neonatal rats studied polysomnographically.
After approximately 90 minutes, the body moves into REM sleep, a stage that is sometimes referred to as paradoxical sleep.
Different behaviours during paradoxical sleep without atonia depend on pontine lesion site.