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Starting with the Contract and Cost Management System (CCMS) as the first project, CTCB implemented Papyrus WebRepository with the consultative support of FUCO and ISIS Papyrus.
Ce document appartient a un ensemble de papyrus hieratiques de la collection Wilbour donne au Musee de Brooklyn.
Hey Unesco, an ancient papyrus dating to the 1st Temple 2700 yrs ago has been found.
Handcrafted details, such as textured fabric, lace, embroidery, metallic threads, sequins and beading, are used throughout the collection to seamlessly integrate the attention to fine detail that is essential to Rose and Papyrus.
At a 2012 Coptic studies conference in Rome, King had presented her research on the papyrus fragment, which she said contained the words "Jesus said to them, 'My wife .
Jacqueline Klinger and Taryn Brandes of The Shopping Center represented Papyrus in the lease negotiations.
Separately, Papyrus sponsors New York Fashion Week every spring and fall, says Jensen, adding that as a brand inspired by fashion and fine art, our presence at this highly coveted event makes the marriage of Papyrus and New York Fashion Week a beautiful union.
What's remarkable about Grenfell's excavations, apart from the richness of the finds, was his work with native workers, whom he trained to be papyrus hunters, delicately delving into the rubbish and opening up old mummy cases in search of treasures.
Phase contrast tomography takes advantage of subtle differences in the way radiation - such as X-rays - passes through different substances, in this case papyrus and ink.
burying several Roman towns, including Pompeii and Herculaneum, there was no such thing as hitting "save'' on your papyrus scroll, and no time to worry about anything but life and death.
The papyrus plant, considered sacred in ancient Egyptian culture, played a crucial role in Pharaonic civilisation.
Two of the Old Testament documents made from papyrus, a paper-like substance first used by the ancient Egyptians--are as old as the second century A.
They would then collect their children at the end of the school day and take them to the fields, in order to help them plant and cultivate papyrus, a plant which is first known to have been used in Ancient Egypt at least as far back as the First Dynasty.
London, Oct 21 ( ANI ): The Gospel of Jesus' Wife papyrus, which has been alleged to be a forgery, seems to be in limbo, as the Harvard Theological Review has pulled the article describing the discovery from their upcoming issue.
Building on the success of the Papyrus table lamp line, Adesso added color to the series: blue and purple.