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a small inflamed elevation of skin that is nonsuppurative (as in chicken pox)

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Gianotti-Crosti syndrome (GCS), also known as papular acrodermatitis of childhood, is a relatively rare, self-limited exanthema that usually affects infants and children 6 months to 12 years of age (peak occurrence is in one-to 6-year-olds).
ulceration, new papular lesions, variegations in color) within the involved skin, ocular, or mucosal tissues.
Findings of fatique, fever, extensive mouth sores and dried skin lesions, the presence of multiple squamous papular rashes different from eritema migrans, and unilateral facial paralysis led us to think of early disseminated stage.
1,2,3,9) The papular lesions, usually found in clusters, are often seen on the face, head, torso, and extremities in children, and in the genital area, lower abdomen, and upper legs in young adults in whom the infection is sexually transmitted.
The incubation period is 3-6 days and macular or papular rash, fever, arthritis or arthralgia, non-purulent conjunctivitis, myalgia and headache are frequent.
Scheduled for April release, Deer Season XP will debut in several papular whitetail cartridges.
He started with neutropenia in the D+ 1 post-transplant, and presented fever in the D+ 3 posttransplant, followed by intense myalgia and papular skin lesion with rapid dissemination.
This newly discovered molecular function likely explains why mutations in the hairless gene contribute to the pathogenesis of atrichia with papular lesions.
Two distinct types of NS have been described, in the form of macular versus papular NS, each one sometimes related to a specific syndrome (4).
A pseudovariola e a estomatite papular sao doencas vesiculares de bovinos causadas por virus do genero Parapoxvirus, familia Poxviridae (FLEMMING & MERCER, 2007).
Estas lesiones comienzan como una lesion papular eritematosa entre los 4 y 10 anos de edad (excepcionalmente antes) y despues crecen gradualmente.
A 1 cmx 1 cm papular lesion noted to the left side of the neck along the sternocleidomastoid muscle with clear discharge.
It is characterized by papular and nodular skin lesions, gingival hyperplasia, joint contractures and bone involvement in variable degrees 1.