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Synonyms for pappy

yielding easily to pressure or weight; not firm

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The Pappy Johns Band had received rive nominations at the awards show.
23, Elaine Bomberry was hosting a CD release party for the Pappy Johns Band, the house band on APTN's Buffalo Tracks.
Grandpap was close to 90 when this photo was taken but whenever Pappy pulled up by the crib to scoop off a load of corn, Grandpap would climb into the wagon and toss one or two ears at a time into the crib.
pounds 25 Loving memories of my Gran & Pappy Margaret & Furry Brown.
On your birthday dad and pappy, love Terry and family.
Outside WEZY after the Soggy Bottom Boys have recorded "Man of Constant Sorrow" in "O Brother Where Art Thou," Tim Blake Nelson's simple-minded Delmar tells Charles Durning's politico Pappy O'Daniel that the man inside the radio station will pay $10 to sing into his can.
Robert Fox, also new to the valley, plays Pappy Yokum.
10, Pappy amassed 23,000 flight hours in 140 different types of aircraft over a career spanning 40 years.
Master distillers representing Four Roses (Jim Rutledge), Maker's Mark (David Pickerell), Buffalo Trace (Harlen Wheatley), Labrot and Graham Woodford Reserve (Lincoln Henderson), Elijah Craig (Parker Beam), Pappy Van Winkle (Julian Van Winkle), Wild Turkey (Jimmy Russell) and Booker's (Jerry Dalton) presented the rare ones during a formal tasting.
Tom and his Pappy cohorts are heading to San Francisco before their Coventry date, but are looking forward to appearing again at Warwick Arts Centre.
However, when I saw it identified in the December issue, it reminded me of a story my pappy told me years ago.
OLD Pappy Punter always drummed it into his brood that a mug's bet meant exactly what it said on the tin.
It came on a fabulous sour dough bun that was a world away from the pappy white baps so often encountered.
The bar and restaurant stocks the number one bourbon in the world, Pappy Van Winkles, a 23-year-old family reserve.