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calyx composed of scales or bristles or featherlike hairs in plants of the Compositae such as thistles and dandelions

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Pappus measured the heights of the centres of the circles from the base of the arbelos.
Fermat adhered to the algebraic notation of Viete, and relied heavily on Pappus in his development of calculus.
Of the five to have run, Omikron last year, Pappus (2002), and King Of Tara (2001) all finished last, while Aeskulap was 15th of 16 in 2001 and the Gay Kelleway-trained Vortex had to be pulled up by Kieren Fallon last year.
Street Poker stepped up on previous form to beat Pappus, Near Honor and the front-running Kasai by a short head with the other three separated only by necks in a blanket finish.
In an essay on the "sagacity of bees," Pappus of Alexandria noted in the fourth century A.
pappus = fluff] combungie tall marsh plant, long roots eaten compungya roots like sticks of celery, baked, starchy cormiork root of asp.
Timmermans also discusses here the work of Pappus, Bacon, Galileo, and Viete.
Subsequent chapters explore the work of Archimedes, Viete's revolutionary contributions to algebra, Descartes' merging of algebra and geometry to solve the Pappus problem, and Desargues' development of projective geometry.
Achenes are smooth, four-sided and generally lack pappus.
This hypothesis suggests that the ancestor was a woody plant with alternate leaves, large and discoid capitula, actinomorphic deeply five-lobed corollas, caudate and calcarate anthers with sterile apical appendages, shortly bilobed styles glabrous or papillose with continuous stigmatic areas, and a pappus of scabrid bristles.
He faces 11 rivals - ten from Italy and the Mario Hofer-trained Pappus from Germany.
Following the classical model of describing the known world from Europe to China, the work seems to rely most heavily on the lost [Hebrew Text Omitted] of the fourth-century Pappus of Alexandria for its coverage of Europe and Africa, which is rather sketchy and uneven.
Cypselae glabrous to pubescent; pappus of plumose, capillary bristles, occasionally absent.
Cypselae rostrate at the apex, pubescent; pappus of scabrid, capillary bristles.
Rosencrans could be opposed by Raffelberger, trained in Germany by Mario Hofer, who also has Pappus, one of 20 entries in the Winter Derby.