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work that involves handling papers: forms or letters or reports etc

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All other paperwork processed at the ministry will take seven days from the date it is registered with the appropriate department or authority.
Almost nine in 10 of the 6,000 nurses surveyed said the amount of non-essential paperwork such as filing, photocopying and ordering supplies had increased in the last two years.
Eighty-one per cent said having to complete paperwork prevented them from providing direct patient care.
We need to work toward eliminating redundant and non-value-added paperwork.
People donate money for us to help disabled adults, not to spend hours filling in paperwork.
When characters in Hollywood legal thrillers have to deal with mountains of paperwork, it's skillfully conveyed by a fast-paced montage featuring frowning, loosened ties and huge quantities of Chinese food, with a soft-rock soundtrack and an atmosphere of smouldering sexual tension.
Invu will be used to manage paperwork such as mortgage offers and mortgage acceptances, legal documentation for the purchase of the property, paperwork which relates to agreements with managing agents, statements from agents which relate to rents and fees, any invoices for service charges and utility bills, as well as general correspondence which includes company HR and administration paperwork and client correspondence.
Al-Quthami, however, did not see any futility in implementing the idea in small towns where there are no large crowds and where people may not need to pay to complete their paperwork.
We know that paperwork is necessary and is a reasonable way to record the progress, benchmarks, and outcomes of the services we provide; and yes, it usually results in some sort of invoice that allows us to be reimbursed for our efforts.
Paperwork is deflecting nurses from caring for patients and supporting relatives in their time of need.
The union found Scots nurses spent more than 100,000 hours a week on paperwork, filing and photocopying.
Asnapshot survey for the RCN, at the start of the organisation's annual congress, found that almost nine out of 10 nurses believe the amount of paperwork in the NHS has increased in the past five years.
Cleckheaton-based Webedi is developing a website to allow them to deal with their paperwork more quickly.
The turn-around time is shortened when the paperwork is submitted correctly.