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Synonyms for paperhanger

someone who passes bad checks or counterfeit paper money

one whose occupation is decorating walls with wallpaper

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First, "The Paperhanger," like the previous three stories in the collection, (8) involves a death that propels the plot and poignantly positions the reader between life and death.
Britain's Apprentice Paperhanger of the Year runner up Michael Shanks and (inset) the 25-year-old receiving his big award
Randy became as busy as a one armed paperhanger trying to facilitate the trout's run for the bottom of the lake from the tangled line of three fishing rods in the bottom of the boat.
She was a painter and paperhanger for 35 years, as well as a homemaker.
Ideally a mural should be applied by a professional paperhanger.
And though he worked as a paperhanger for most of his life so as to earn his bread as a physical laborer, he wrote many plays and poems, most of which deal explicitly or implicitly with the course of the Revolution.
With Taylor directing the show, and Perry -- possibly the progeny of a prima ballerina and a five-armed paperhanger -- executing it, more lines, hooks, and baits are soon whirring from the tubs, and rapidly descending towards the channel bottom.
Thus seeming to fix Mary's status, the narrator counters with the offsetting information that, as a result of her new marriage, Mary came to "fly proud and high" in the course of "a journey that had begun in a room over the shop of a paperhanger in Newark" (258).
Vin was a self-employed paperhanger and painter who graduated from South High School.
William Gay worked for thirty years as a carpenter, housepainter, and paperhanger before publishing The Long Home" Franklin writes.
Chris Cassidy, 19, is one of three finalists selected by the Painting and Decorating Association to compete in the annual Apprentice Paperhanger of the Year competition.
I am a paperhanger and have over 40 years in the business; I put many magazines on the walls in powder rooms, bathrooms, libraries, etc.
Jonathan Kendall Slentz of The Wallpaper Store answers: "I've heard those stories, too, from customers who thought any paperhanger who advertised must be a professional.
I am old enough to remember a certain Austrian paperhanger (Adolf Hitler) who was elected the head of a country and in two years took the country from the depths of depression to be the world's most booming economy.