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(of books) having a flexible binding


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Their wallpaper agencies include Casamance from France, Romo and Villa Nova from UK; Dedar from Italy; paperbacked fabric wall coverings from creation baumann-Switzerland, along with their own wallpaper collection.
Poems were printed directly onto the fabric by feeding the paperbacked muslin through a laser printer, one sheet at a time.
Once paperbacked, this book will enjoy an extensive readership.
Once I was there, there were wonderful French paperbacked books, almost as cheap as a glass of wine, and I remember reading them the way I drank those glasses, too, not too much but quite naturally day after day.
It deserves a wide readership and should be paperbacked as soon as possible.
Its quick tacking ability is perfect for covering wide areas such as carpet padding (Photo 4), plastic vapor barriers (Photo 5), paperbacked insulation and roofing paper.
Follow manufacturer's instructions for paperbacked fusible web.