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Debbie Whittingham, sales and marketing director at Taylor Wimpey North Yorkshire, said: "Rose Cottage Farm is turning into a wonderful community, and with Paperback Book Day just gone, we have a great opportunity to strengthen this even further.
This 48 page A4 paperback book brings Low ll's story to life using postcards and other nostalgic images.
I had six small paperback books to post to Europe and the US, gifts for friends which I bought locally for just BD5 each.
For about $100 you can buy a separate hard drive no bigger than a paperback book that holds 80 gigabytes or more.
This paperback book is brief, non-threatening to a novice.
In an attempt to address this problem, the folks at Wildlife Research Center [R] recently wrote "Scrape Hunting," a 32-page paperback book that covers everything you ever wanted to know about scrapes and how to hunt them.
The product has a waterproof barrier and comes folded to the size of a paperback book.
A great paperback book, Roses For The Smaller Garden by Mark Mattock (Quadrille, pounds 14.
This paperback book is based on Meldrum's 1996 doctoral dissertation at the University of London, but it is published as part of the series on Women and Men in History intended for students and the general reader as well as scholars.
If printed out, this 895,932-digit behemoth would fill 450 pages of a paperback book.
Readers never have to search for or carry a separate light for the hardcover or paperback book they're reading.
The 229-page paperback book is available for a cost of $15.
The American Bar Association (Chicago, IL) has published "Attacking Adverse Experts," a paperback book that is designed to be a guide to investigating, evaluating and attacking the adverse expert in civil cases.
At the end of that program, they're allowed to pick out any paperback book and they love it,'' Scibetta said.
Publisher John Wiley & Sons and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission have announced a recall of the paperback book 'Candle and Soap Making For Dummies'.