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a clerk or bureaucrat who does paperwork

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He was transferred to a paper-pushing job in Manhattan and has no authority to make arrests or respond to emergencies.
At last, the American legal profession has clear and final relief from attempts to solve a nonexistent problem that would have created paper-pushing and raised legal costs," ABA President Steve Zack of Miami said after House passage of the bill.
Instead of actively looking after the sick and vulnerable, nurses are increasingly paper-pushing delegators of care; concerned more with targets and bureaucracy, to the detriment of both patient and profession.
The two economists calculate that the paper-pushing standards advocated by the FDA cost between 160 to 500 percent more than simple performance standards would.
Which gives you the feeling that Segev buys into Arendt's bogus "banality of evil" theorythat Eichmann was merely a paper-pushing bureaucrat who had no emotional investment in the mass murder he was enabling, a follower of orders, an exculpatory line Arendt foolishly took directly from Eichmann's own dishonest attempt to exculpate himselfand save himself from the hangmanat his trial in Jerusalem.
In that same speech, Berwick told the audience, You could have had a monstrous insurance industry of claims and rules and paper-pushing instead of using your tax base to provide a single route of finance.
Don't let the paper-pushing side of your business overtake your raison d'etre.
Burdened with assessing federal progress on sustainable development, the commissioner has built a reputation for unbiased advice, but also for being unable to promote sustainability strategies as anything more than paper-pushing.
There is an antiseptic, paper-pushing administrative quality that moves cases, and in the process, lives, through judicial hoops.
Less time spent on paper-pushing means more time devoted to actually protecting the public.
Over the last few years, in nearly every interaction I have had with individual CPOs (especially those who are new in their positions), the most frequent topic of conversation is "How to best transform their organizations from tactical, paper-pushing procurement functions to strategic, value-delivering supply chain organizations?
A country where an indifferent, paper-pushing, often semi-literate dominant elite directs its destiny, defines its identity, and consolidates its unjust modes of social existence, where a dissident is denied a hearing and a citizen the right to inquire and speak without fear of retribution, is not one that can thrust itself beyond its fixed place any time real soon.
As paper-pushing prankster Jim Halpert on NBC's Emmy-winning comedy The Office, John Krasinski won our hearts as he awkwardly romanced Pam the receptionist.