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a clerk or bureaucrat who does paperwork

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WHILE most firms grumble about taxes and red tape, Serco is one of the few to benefit from Government paper-pushers.
We don't want to find ourselves employing so many layers of paper-pushers and have no-one left to provide services.
We're paper-pushers now," says Gerald Lorge, a federal meat inspector.
The answer, we suspect, is simply that people who develop (and buy) software these days are mostly white-collar paper-pushers.
But these weren't just any paper-pushers relieving a little occupational stress.
Paper-pushers by day, rockers by night, the band really does include working accountants as members.
In the past 20 years, City Hall has hired many more paper-pushers in its central bureaucracy, paying them more than they would earn in private industry.
As for market size--well, it's worth remembering that the Fortune 500 are primarily industrial companies, and the productivity improvements that really matter to senior management take place on the factory floor, not among droves of paper-pushers.
Small and medium sized businesses requiring urgent support risk going to the wall before AWM's paper-pushers reach a decision about financial assistance, it is claimed.
A public work force that ran libraries and park programs, trimmed trees and paved streets was replaced by paper-pushers - many needed to deal with the escalation in local, state and federal red tape.