paper tiger

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the nature of a person or organization that appears powerful but is actually powerless and ineffectual

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Prague, Czech Republic) concludes that EU counterterrorism policy is more of a paper tiger than an effective counterterrorism instrument.
PAPER TIGER Stalking the jungles of hip fairytales, Armoured heart victimises inferior males.
It has been part of Jazayeri's mission to prove that the Americans are a paper tiger and no military threat to Iran despite the message of the 1991 war.
Ruling that Google has broken the law but then taking no action against it shows the commissioner to be a paper tiger.
Nicknamed "The Paper Tiger Lady," Barbara is the author of several books, including Kiplinger's bestselling "Taming the Paper Tiger," book series.
As such, America's ICBM force will need "calibrating" to ensure that our deterrent is not a paper tiger and can effectively deter potential aggressor nations that range from nonstate actors to reemerging superpowers.
He warned that if the Nato alliance walked away from the war it could be seen as a paper tiger, so undermining its future alliances and leave it exposed and weakened.
It's unlikely you will be able to strip the wallpaper without some damage to the drywall, but damage can be minimized by using a wallpaper scoring tool, such as the Paper Tiger, from a home center or wallpaper-supply store.
Is Iran a paper tiger when it can move Hezbollah and its master Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, who controls Lebanon 'perforce', whenever and however it feels like it?
Iran is a paper tiger with claws of steel," he said.
When Nixon broke the stalemate by announcing his impending trip in 1972, the pro-Taiwan ''China lobby'' proved to be a paper tiger, and the foreign policy establishment heaved a great sigh of relief that such a manifestly irrational, ineffective and anachronistic policy had finally been put to rest.
But this is an illusion; in reality, the bear is a paper tiger.
Maybe not as good as the first four Early Girls releases, there's still some quality stuff on offer here, notably Patty Duke's Don't Just Stand There, Doris Troy's Just One Look ( a hit over here for The Hollies), Sue Thompson's Paper Tiger and the exquisite Broken Hearted Melody by Sarah Vaughn.
WHILE an often authoritarian government has used targets in inappropriate situations creating pressures which are self-defeating, a Climate Change Bill without annual targets will much more likely turn out to be a paper tiger.