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a disposable plate made of cardboard

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Give out some strips and precut pieces of art paper, and encourage your child to make a picture by sticking these precut paper pieces on to the paper plate.
We grabbed some nine-inch paper plates (they represented the kill zone), and the shooter had to hit the plate four out of five times.
YOU WILL NEED: Paper plate Paint Threads of sequins Star stickers Sticky tape INSTRUCTIONS: Drizzle some paint on the plate.
A man who had been sitting at the back of the room in Portcullis House in Westminster was seen on TV walking around to where the media mogul was sitting, and throwing a paper plate of shaving foam at his face.
The positive thing about many of these projects is that they use everyday items which are easy to source, such as paper plates and white handkerchiefs.
Michelman, Inc, Cincinnati, OH, has announced that it has attained kosher certification on its Plate Kote [TM] Series of paper plate coatings.
Endurance for Movement offers a workout that needs very little equipment: light-medium weights (3-10 pounds), a stability ball, and a cloth rag or paper plate.
This chart wouldn't look anything like the paper plate we know.
If I dropped a paper plate, he'd pick it up on one hop and throw me out at first.
Packing the pre-made crushable crafts (newspaper hats, swords, bowls and paper plate puppets and games) to show and the assorted stuff for craft making (masking tape, scissors and paper)--plus my own suitcase--left me in dire need of another hand.
I didn't want to throw my cup and paper plate into the trash.
The trash stations are manned, making sure you recycle everything from your food-smeared paper plate to soy sauce-soaked chopsticks.
WHAT YOU NEED 1 cup water * 2 cups sugar (plus a little extra) * food coloring * candy flavoring (we like cinnamon, lemon or peppermint) * a tall, clean, glass jar (such as a mayonnaise jar) * clean cotton string * scissors * pencil * paper clip * paper plate
Glue paper plate, rim side down, to center of a piece of mat board.
Museum exhibit showcases the art of the paper plate