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currency issued by a government or central bank and consisting of printed paper that can circulate as a substitute for specie

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Blatter, who in a panicky voice had called for security while the 'money' rained on him, left the auditorium for 10 minutes while staff cleaned up the paper money before returning to speak to media.
Paper money has circulated in North America since 1690, when the Massachusetts Bay Colony issued some to paper over - so to speak - the shortage of coins.
The castings' delicate images were used to deter counterfeiting of paper money until 1785.
It would be of great theoretical interest to establish the conceptual link between this genesis of self-consciousness and the modern notion of paper money.
Lamb, the TChinese were the first to use paper money in the 17th century.
Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has floated an international tender for Printing of paper money (banknotes).
00) provides a weighty, definitive catalog of world paper money from 1961 to modern times, and packs in over 13,000 small black and white illustrations as it covers the latest prices and collector notes on the topic.
Umer Ibrahim cleared the fact that inflation in the world is only due to corrupt paper money system that is also purely based on Riba and Allah clearly forbade man to restrain form Riba.
Many of the donations placed in our buckets were in the form of paper money.
It was while he was working on The Greenback: Paper Money and American Culture published by McFarland in 2010, that Tschachler (English and American studies, Alpen-Adria-U.
It was nonsense, of course, but he should be around now to reassure people about the Bank of England's shock decision to replace our paper money with plastic.
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE author Jane Austen will appear on PS10 notes from 2017, the Bank of England said following an outcry over a lack of women on paper money.
PRIDE And Prejudice author Jane Austen will appear on PS10 notes from 2017, the Bank of England said yesterday following a public outcry over a lack of women on paper money.
Competition-driven cost considerations and consumer-determined return expectations are absent from the calculus of paper money producers.