paper chromatography

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chromatography that uses selective adsorption on a strip of paper

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The paper chromatography technique was routinely used for detection of diet-reared insects that contain marginal amounts of dye; thus allowing them to be differentiated from wild PBW.
All these fractions were purified by paper chromatography and eluted with 40% methanol.
Compound I was isolated from ethyl acetate fraction with deep purple colour on paper chromatography at [R.
Sanger's Nobel Lecture on December 11, 1958, was entitled "The Chemistry of Insulin" (1) and described the ingenious road to identification of the amino acid sequence and insulin's 2 peptide chains, which involved using the combination of a dinitrophenyl method for determining the N-terminal amino acid residues and acid hydrolysis (later enzymatic proteolysis), paper chromatography, and ion exchange chromatography, with the amino acid sequence deduced from various combinations of digested fragments.
Paper chromatography (PC) begins by spotting a small sample on a strip of paper (Figure 9).
Flavonoids (I-III) were isolated from an ethanolic extract of aerial parts of Dryopteris villarii by preparative paper chromatography in BAW (n-butanolacetic acid-water, 4:1:5, upper phase), 15% AcOH (acetic acid) and BEW (n-butanol-ethanol-water, 4:1:2.