paper chromatography

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chromatography that uses selective adsorption on a strip of paper

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The radiochemical purity (RCP) of the labeled products was again tested by paper chromatography (PC).
Compound II was isolated from ethyl acetate fraction with deep purple colour on paper chromatography at [R.
Here we'll explore how winemakers strive to reduce risk by enlisting sensible, efficient and cost-effective ways to monitor MLF, be it good old-fashioned paper chromatography, sending out samples for lab work or investing in accurate and affordable diagnostic equipment.
Paper chromatography (PC) begins by spotting a small sample on a strip of paper (Figure 9).
14]C-labelled substrates were determined by paper chromatography and by a combination of FAB-MS (Fast atom bombardment -- mass spectrometry) and GC-MS (gas chromatography -- mass spectrometry).
Traditionally, the paper chromatography activity is performed as a science activity and involves little or no mathematics.
The radiochemical purity of the radiolabeled complex was determined by Paper Chromatography (PC) and Instant Thin Layer Chromatography (ITLC).
Then this sample was analyzed for determination of sugar pattern by paper chromatography by using solvent system as a butanol: acetic acid: water (4:1:5).
Therefore, it is not a "how to" book that describes useful techniques or information for current applications, unless you are looking for information about how to perform two-dimensional paper chromatography.