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Synonyms for pantomime

a performance using gestures and body movements without words

act out without words but with gestures and bodily movements only


References in classic literature ?
In fact he would certainly have done so, had not Ruby unearthed some old pantomime paste jewels she had worn at a fancy dress party as the Queen of Diamonds.
Father Brown, though he knew every detail done behind the scenes, and had even evoked applause by his transformation of a pillow into a pantomime baby, went round to the front and sat among the audience with all the solemn expectation of a child at his first matinee.
I know you not only forced the pantomime, but put it to a double use.
For if great talent and skill are necessary for two pantomimes to paint their thoughts and feelings by the movements of the body, and the expression of the countenance, how much greater the difficulty when darkness shrouds them both, and the one can hear no sound.
Everybody who is at all acquainted with theatrical matters knows what a host of shabby, poverty-stricken men hang about the stage of a large establishment--not regularly engaged actors, but ballet people, procession men, tumblers, and so forth, who are taken on during the run of a pantomime, or an Easter piece, and are then discharged, until the production of some heavy spectacle occasions a new demand for their services.
He was dressed for the pantomimes in all the absurdity of a clown's costume.
For a moment I thought that her desire was another shilling, but by a piece of pantomime she showed that she wanted me to lift my hat to her.
She handled their crops, and knew what they had eaten, and if too little or too much; her face enacting a vivid pantomime of the criticisms passing in her mind.
and, backing to the road, exhorted her in frenzied pantomime to secrecy and silence.
Having performed the serious pantomime that was necessary for the due conveyance of these idea, he cast himself upon his friend's track, and vanished.
You have seen pantomimes and Peter Pan, perhaps; perhaps, too, a play of Shakespeare, - a comedy, it may be, which made you laugh, or even a tragedy which made you want to cry, or at least left you sad.
RENOWNED fashion, costume and set designer Paul Shriek has been announced as one of the nominees for Best Costume Design in The Great British Pantomime Awards 2018.
GEORDIE actress Denise Welch has been threatened with legal action after she left a pantomime which was plagued with problems.
Fragmented from a promotional material [Photo Courtesy: Event official Facebook page] CAIRO -- 23 January 2018: The pantomime show "In the Garden" will stage Sunday at Wanas Center for Arts and Culture.
A tabloid style TV chat show will attempt to heal the rift between Snow White and her evil step-mother as part of this year's Llangollen Pantomime.