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Synonyms for pantie

short underpants for women or children (usually used in the plural)

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Directed by debutant director Madhav Mehta, Kasturba Panda Pantie has been adapted from Hollywood actor Steve Martin's The Underpants .
When someone has big panties on underneath their clothes, you can always see them," the 30-year-old philosophises in the New York Daily News.
At about the same period but thousands of miles away, police in Kodiak, Alaska, arrested Ryan Cornelio, 18, for also stealing women's panties the past three months.
As long as they're not triple X porno panties or anything too exotic, I can handle it.
The inventors are hoping to rollout the commercial production of the panties later this month.
Our panties for example, are individually laser cut from a special fabric that has built in four-way stretch and requires no stitching, seams or uncomfortable elastic bands.
It is set to go on sale at Selfridges on April 22, but a store spokeswoman reckons consumers will rush to pick up the pricey panties, despite the cost.
Howard Rosenblum, Peter Pacfir and Dan Lipton of the Kaufman Organization represented Panties Plus.
Kimberley Walsh, left, was recently snapped sporting control briefs, and phone lines at underwear companies have been red hot with ladies demanding a pair of her figure flattering panties.
She added: "Pink Panties is a wonderful sexy cabaret with a burlesque theme.
Acne creams are too strong, so just wear loose-fitting panties to let the skin heal, suggests Dr.
Campus police, who allowed a bra and panties to sit on the statue for several days the week before, saw fit to tear down our display within two hours," DiClementi said.
Dear Miriam I 'M 2 4 and my boyfriend recently confessed to me he likes to wear women's panties.
Guards caused outrage this month when they gave bras and panties to a killer because he wanted to be a woman.
Numerous items from the victim's house, including panties and bras, were found in a trash bin across the street from the murder site.