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Synonyms for pantie

short underpants for women or children (usually used in the plural)

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Directed by debutant director Madhav Mehta, Kasturba Panda Pantie has been adapted from Hollywood actor Steve Martin's The Underpants .
When someone has big panties on underneath their clothes, you can always see them," the 30-year-old philosophises in the New York Daily News.
or purchases) framework agreement with a single supplier per batch for the supply of non-sterile caps, Leggings, Masks and unisex panties for the centers of the consorci sanitari integral.
Our period panties address that - they provide ultimate support, durability, breathability and comfort during periods and make you smile at the same time.
Learn the tips and tricks you need to sew these panties with ease--from Monica Bravo herself
At about the same period but thousands of miles away, police in Kodiak, Alaska, arrested Ryan Cornelio, 18, for also stealing women's panties the past three months.
As long as they're not triple X porno panties or anything too exotic, I can handle it.
With friend Paula Virata, whose child goes to the same school as hers, and Catilo's elder sister Stef Juan, they started "The Great Panties Drive," an online relief drive for underwear for the victims of Yolanda (international name: Haiyan).
Recently the store has announced a special offer on La Senza ultra soft panties.
NEW YORK -- The feminine hygiene and adult incontinence categories are being married in an emerging product segment for women who experience light leaks, according to Wendy Spencer, president of STRIDE Everyday, which markets washable panties and briefs for light incontinence.
I personally think the panties need a comment from Tom.
Designer Pistol Panties has created the Anita 'Bling-kini' - a limited edition two-piece covered in Swarovski crystals.
s Showroom/Handbag building, located at 320 Fifth Avenue, with Panties Plus, Inc.
Kimberley Walsh, left, was recently snapped sporting control briefs, and phone lines at underwear companies have been red hot with ladies demanding a pair of her figure flattering panties.