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Synonyms for panther

a large spotted feline of tropical America similar to the leopard

a leopard in the black color phase

large American feline resembling a lion

References in classic literature ?
Worse and worse," said the Black Panther, as the boy rose spluttering.
The panther rose to a sitting position, his bared fangs but a few feet from the ape-man's taunting face.
As the panther came to all fours again upon the little platform, Tarzan un-slung his heavy spear and prodded at the snarling face, and as Sheeta warded off the blows, the two continued their horrid duet of blood-curdling roars and growls.
With a roar that mingled with the booming thunder from above he leaped toward the panther, who could only claw futilely with one huge paw while he clung to the branch with the other; but the ape-man did not come within that parabola of destruction.
Once the panther struggled to rise; but only to sink to earth again.
After we had eaten, I added to the pile of firewood so that I could replenish the fire before the entrance to our barricade, believing this as good a protection against the carnivora as we could have; and then Ajor and I sat down before it, and the lesson proceeded, while from all about us came the weird and awesome noises of the Caspakian night--the moaning and the coughing and roaring of the tigers, the panthers and the lions, the barking and the dismal howling of a wolf, jackal and hyaenadon, the shrill shrieks of stricken prey and the hissing of the great reptiles; the voice of man alone was silent.
He called the panther every opprobrious name that fell to his tongue.
The panther recovered himself almost immediately and, wheeling, tore after his prey, the ape-boy's rope dragging along the ground behind him.
For a moment the panther stood glaring first at one of his tormentors and then at another, until, with a final scream of rage, he turned and slunk off into the tangled mazes of the jungle.
said the bee-hunter; "a panther is driving a herd before him; or may be, there is a battle among the beasts.
There are panthers down from the mountains; I saw one make a leap at a sick deer, as the sun was setting.
On those bitter, starlit nights, as we sat around the old stove that fed us and warmed us and kept us cheerful, we could hear the coyotes howling down by the corrals, and their hungry, wintry cry used to remind the boys of wonderful animal stories; about grey wolves and bears in the Rockies, wildcats and panthers in the Virginia mountains.
I am very excited to be reunited with fruit from Carter, one of the original vineyards for Panther Creek," continued Rynders.
Vehicle collisions on one of the busiest roads in 'Florida panther country' will likely come down, while at the same time, the safe movement of this endangered species will be enabled," says Larry Williams, the Service's Florida State Supervisor for Ecological Services.
Wadel has served as Panther s Chief Information Officer since 2006, though he has been the architect of Panther s technology since the company was founded in 1992.