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including everything visible in one view


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These techniques and the panoptic vision that activates them have a profound impact on administrative operations and culture.
A subsidiary of Panoptic Media Marketing Inc, Great Circle Studios is a full-service Web design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Marketing and managed hosting service provider.
Seltzer, for his part, justifies his attribution of panoptic power to the novelist by insisting on the ontological parity of authors and their characters.
Under the new contract, M studio will employ its panoptic approach to support branding, graphic design, web development, digital marketing, influencer relations and brand partnerships.
Panoptic Ophthalmoscope With Cobalt-Blue Filter And Corneal
I did the bulk of my observing with a selection of Tele Vue eyepieces ranging from a 24-mm Panoptic (yielding a magnification of 46x and a true field of 1.
Unraced youngster Specific Gravity strode out nicely with the Refuse To Bend colt Glencadam Gold over six furlongs, while fellow juvenile Panoptic, who disappointed a little on her debut at Newmarket in July, looked in good form for her intended outing at Yarmouth on Tuesday.
The articles represent a range of scholarly approaches including traditional qualitative analysis of documents, quantitative psycho/sociological investigation of perception, ethnographic observation of human activity, and theoretical explorations of contemporary society using the notion of the panoptic vision as developed by Michel Foucault.
com)-- Panoptic Realty Group, a commercial real estate brokerage firm serving the greater Houston market area, announced the first lease of space within the Greenhouse Business Park development in Katy.
As Bob notes, "When I use a Tele Vue 35-mm Panoptic eyepiece, the 4-inch lens gives me a 4[degrees] field of view, meaning that I don't need a finder other than a unit-power pointing device.
Panoptic (Kelly Harrison) ran too freely on her debut at Newmarket in July, but appeared in great form and went clear of two companions.
They recall, in fact, a group of mountain landscapes that Gerhard Richter painted in the second half of the '90s, which scrupulously block the sense of expansive space and panoptic vision that mountain landscapes are specifically good for.
These ranged from a 3 5-mm Panoptic that yielded (with the Paracorr) 62x and a field slightly more than Io across, to a 7-mm DeLite giving 308x and an 11-arcminute field.
The lack of accountability of the members of the security forces, perpetuated by the disheartening fact that not one of them has been tried for prosecution in a civilian court for involvement in human rights violation is an expose of the panoptic contours of Indian violence in Kashmir.
Choice quote: "Occupying the panoptic position of a therapist who sees people at all phases of life, I sometimes have the Ghost of Marriage Future impulse to tell women in their thirties, who currently feel hounded by their partner's sexual demands, that in a decade or two they might be hankering for more attention, not less.