panic attack

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a sudden attack of fear


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Panic attacks are extremely distressing, and they can result in maladaptive behavioral changes due to the person's fear of having another panic attack.
g a person with Social Phobia having a Panic Attack upon entering into party or a gathering of friends.
A commuter claims that people were unable to move on the train, and that one woman became so uncomfortable she ended up having a panic attack.
But heading off on a bus into town with them, he soon has a panic attack.
Not everyone who suffers anxiety will necessarily have a panic attack, but some will.
A panic attack can seem to come out of nowhere, at least when a person first experiences them.
6 Literature has demonstrated that, at times, this disorder is so painful for the patients that they start avoiding situations or activities such as exercise, running, avoiding sitting in sun or any rooms, which might perspire them or produce internal physical arousal similar to the beginnings of a panic attack.
When suffering from a panic attack, people tend to breathe very quickly and the shallow breaths can cause them to feel even more stressed and helpless.
Left untreated, panic attacks can lead to phobias and other problems.
Experiencing a panic attack can be very frightening and uncomfortable.
CARDIFF has come third in a list of panic attack hotspots.
Sometimes there may be an obvious trigger, for example, if a person has an extreme fear of crowded places and is then confronted with this situation then this may trigger a panic attack.
MANILA -- A high-ranking hospital official said that the reason for lawyer Jessica Lucila "Gigi" Reyes' hospitalization before dawn Thursday was because she suffered from panic attack.
BRITNEY Spears suffered a panic attack and almost collapsed at an Oscars bash hosted by Elton John.