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Synonyms for panhandler

one who begs habitually or for a living

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a beggar who approaches strangers asking for money

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All three organizations hope to gather statistics on the success of the project so it can be shared as a template for other cities looking for ways to deal with panhandlers.
Five "donation meters" have been installed in downtown Atlanta in re sponse to aggressive panhandlers who don't take no for an answer.
The panhandler was visibly relieved to see her, and it seemed there was to be a happy ending so I headed away from the reunion toward my office.
The city is considering a proposal that would require local panhandlers to obtain government licenses and identification cards before they can beg in public.
Larkin's promising career at the NFB (he was mentored by none other than Norman McLaren) faltered and ended after bouts of cocaine addiction and alcoholism; he ended up as a panhandler on the streets of Montreal.
And if that panhandler on the corner wants mercy from us, a haircut and a willingness to work would go far to make the case.
CUTLINE: A panhandler on a traffic island looks for donations Thursday from cars passing through Lincoln Square.
You'd tell her about how some panhandler got another free meal out of you over at your Van Nuys restaurant, where the word was out that you were a soft touch for a hard luck story.
The offense carries up to a $450 fine for both the driver and the panhandler.
He recalled a panhandler who was hit over the head with a flower pot and had his wallet stolen.
A panhandler convicted of killing the son of a Glendale man over 25 cents was sentenced Friday to 18 years to life in prison.
The panhandler problem has been increasing in recent months, particularly downtown.
As they got out of the car, Dixon, a panhandler whom the elder Mekhrabian had given money before, began badgering the two for money, Mekhrabian testified.
CUTLINE: A panhandler holds a sign as motorists pass by at the intersection of Chandler Street and Park Avenue on Friday.
Yes, he's a panhandler if you want to get technical.
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