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Key words: Pangolin, Potohar, arid environment, illegal hunting, trade.
Just last week, the Nigeria Customs Service arrested a Chinese man, one Mr Ko Sin Ying, for attempting to ship out a consignment carrying elephant tusks and pangolin shells with a combined duty paid value of N493.
He added that the pangolin had been handed over to the Forest Department.
The Pangolin is the only scaly mammal on Earth and is also the most (https://www.
A multination joint management of fringe, remote border areas, natural forests and wildlife could help in pangolin conservation.
The code covers a wide range of crimes, including trafficking in wildlife products from rhinos, elephants, tigers, pangolins, bears and other animals.
Activists say Hong Kong's leniency has made it attractive to mainland China for illegal products such as ivory, rhino horns and pangolin scales.
Ivory is prized for its beauty while demand for traditional medicine has led to the smuggling of rhino horn and pangolin scales.
But unlike the thriving business in elephant ivory, rhino horns, tiger bone wine or pangolin scales, ape smuggling involves live animals " some of the most endangered, intelligent and sensitive animals on Earth.
Le pangolin est protege depuis septembre 2016 par la Convention internationale sur le commerce d'especes sauvages menacees (Cites).
The eight species of pangolin that roam the wilds of Asia and Africa.
Wildlife species which are most commonly traded here include Saker and Peregrine falcons, freshwater and marine turtles, Indian pangolin and several other rare species of reptiles and birds.
It is also seen as playing a key role in the trafficking and consumption of illegal products including ivory, scaly anteater or pangolin scales and tiger skins.
Members have urged for restrictions on trade in threatened pangolin species to exceptional cases only, as defined by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).