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heating system consisting of wall or floor or baseboard or ceiling panels containing electric conductors or heating pipes

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ASHRAE Handbook--HVAC Systems and Equipment, Panel Heating and Cooling chapter, suggests 9.
The houses are designed for high performance and to enhance sustainable living, with solar panel heating, super-efficient under floor heating, rainwater harvesting, double-glazed windows and compartmentalised recycling bins.
It is possible that solar heating panels were not installed because the installation would need to be dimensioned to provide adequate hot water on the coldest, cloudiest days of winter and that the solar panel heating would be an added capital cost.
The apartments also benefit from panel heating and double glazing.
They said the ats have panel heating which warms up when turned on.
There are fitted carpets to the living areas, along with electric panel heating throughout, and en-suites and bathrooms have been fitted with designer suites.
Every home has a contemporary underfloor and radiant panel heating system removing the need for radiators, all rooms are network digital-cabled for TV, internet, telephone and PC and four zones have stereo speakers concealed in the ceiling.
There will be double glazed windows in each property and a solar panel heating system installed.
Haslam is currently building 205 homes with energy efficient features including solar panel heating and a cool air ventilation system, superior levels of insulation and integrated recycling facilities.
For example, a December 1997 dust storm forced them to raise MGS's orbital low point to avoid excessive panel heating.
Coun Tilsley added: "We are exploring the possibility of installing solar panel heating on some school sites and I hope to be in a position to make an announcement in the near future.
Radiant panel heating and/or cooling systems address the other half of
The Radiant Panel Association is made up of manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and trade associates supporting hydronic, electric and air radiant panel heating and cooling.
It has electric panel heating, double glazing and energy rating E.
We are still the only manufacturer to have digital pressure control in the vacuum oven, and the panel heating is the guarantee for fast, precise and gentle heating.