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In Davenport, for example, the Iowa Sun in late 1840 bemoaned the degeneration of "our Lyceum" from "what should be a hall of science, into a room to panegyrize the ladies.
A History of Color" panegyrizes life's hybridity and multifariousness, a vibrance that helps humans withstand death, which the poem regards as a monistic state.
Weaknesses in the poem are few, as when Page's penchant for alliteration reaches ponderous proportions; for example, she panegyrizes "freshets and freakish flash floods" (section VI).
The Old Testament," Fromm panegyrizes, "is a revolutionary book; its theme is the liberation of man from the incestuous ties to blood and soil, from the submission to idols, from slavery, from powerful masters, to freedom for the individual, for the nation and for all of mankind.