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Synonyms for pander

pander to something or someone

Synonyms for pander

someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

arrange for sexual partners for others

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Pander, now 73, has the technical skills to express a lot of vision.
SCHALKE 04: Neuer, Rafinha, Bordon, Krstajic, Westermann, Asamoah (Larsen 73), Ernst, Kobiashvili, Pander, Kuranyi (Sanchez 60), Altintop (Lovenkrands 88).
There was no denying the quality of his finish though after Micah Richards had capped a thrilling solo burst by slipping a pass inside Pander to provide Lampard with the chance to flash home his 13th England goal.
The spectacle of an American president overriding the recommendations of the International Trade Commission (ITC) to pander to the Chinese and the financiers investing in that repressive regime is powerful evidence that more than the nation's current accounts are out of balance.
Oniscolepis (= Strosipherus) was introduced in the pioneer work of Pander (1856), but still only a few features of this taxon, such as the composition of the exoskeleton of two types of mesomeric elements (or units), tesserae and scales, and the histology of these elements, are known.
The goalkeeping conundrum will occupy McClaren's mind for most of the next 17 days, although there was little Robinson could have done to keep out the sweet strike from Christian Pander which ultimately gave Germany their win.
GERMANY: Lehmann, Friedrich, Mertesacker, Metzelder, Lahm, ' Odonkor (Hilbert 54), Schneider ' (Castro 90), Hitzlsperger, Pander, Trochowski (Rolfes 72), Kuranyi.
How is it bold to pander to voters without doing anything to address underlying causes?
So we created an environment that didn't pander to the obvious," said Rozzi.
Must we pander to clubs who say that they'll cause a riot?
While geographically constrained stations may have to pander with poppy pap, publications with a potentially national audience can afford to focus on (and nurture) niche cultural movements.
WASHINGTON -- Democratic National Committee Chairman (DNC) Terry McAuliffe has issued the following statement on the latest GOP ploy to pander to Hispanics.
Are unpopular incumbent presidents likely to pander to wrong-headed popular opinions in the hope of winning re-election?
Things appeared to be off-course when Germany took the lead through Stefan Kiessling, who burst into the box and lashed into the net after Christian Pander dribbled his way deep into English territory.