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Synonyms for pander

pander to something or someone

Synonyms for pander

someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

arrange for sexual partners for others

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Pander, 21, of Creswell was at the party with his brother, Garrett Charles Petersen, and seven of their friends when Ledbetter opened fire in what police have called a random act of violence.
Trump's ham-fisted attempts to pander to gun owners were apparently enough to sway the NRA, which announced its endorsement of him Friday," said Meyers.
He said: "They pander to very tired archetypes of gay men and are just a continuation of John Inman and Larry Grayson.
ALL politicians pander to their constituents at election time, but President Karzai's pandering to the Shia clerics takes electioneering to a new low.
Barca were unable to regain control of the midfield as Schalke kept up the pressure, with Fabian Ernst's shot only inches away from Asamoah after Pander had waltzed past Gianluca Zambrotta in the 70th minute.
The goalkeeping conundrum will occupy McClaren's mind for most of the next 16 days, although there was little Robinson could have done to keep out the sweet strike from Christian Pander which ultimately gave Germany their win.
It's remarkable to me that at a time when our country faces so many serious issues, the Judiciary Committee has nothing better to do than pander to the Religious Right with this mean-spirited bill," said the Rev.
Andrew's, Pander Harbour, have refused to vacate the church buildings as requested by the New Westminster diocesan council.
Critics, however, worry that the classes pander to teen fascination with gore.
None of the stories pander to the reader, or tell a dry, stale expected tale.
In medieval romance, he is represented as such a despicable fellow that the word pander is derived from his name.
The spectacle of an American president overriding the recommendations of the International Trade Commission (ITC) to pander to the Chinese and the financiers investing in that repressive regime is powerful evidence that more than the nation's current accounts are out of balance.
Oniscolepis (= Strosipherus) was introduced in the pioneer work of Pander (1856), but still only a few features of this taxon, such as the composition of the exoskeleton of two types of mesomeric elements (or units), tesserae and scales, and the histology of these elements, are known.
While others pander to fear, we are a party that stands up for the values of freedom, tolerance and diversity.