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someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

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30pm Handy Andy 6pm Murphys Way TOMORROW'S NAP: Pandar (Goodwood 3.
05), Richard Guest to Simon Hodgson; Pandar (Wolv 4.
Similarly, he obtained loans for Design & Engineering of Munda-Mohmand Dam 850 MW, Jaban Hydel Project Malakand 22 MW, on Swat River in Malakand FATA 850MW, Engineering Study of Pandar 80 MW; Harpo 30 MW; Basho 40 MW in Gilgit Baltistan.
Among the spoil of the city (which was not so great as they expected, as many things were hidden in the hills of the interior), was found the tooth of Buddum (Lord Buddha), which our Historians said by a manifest error was (that) of a monkey, and which was one of the most sacred objects of worship in the heathendom of the South and Tartary, as we said in the first Book, being the one which Tribule Pandar (Vidye Bandara) carried from the city of Cota; and when they informed D.
15) "Lakho pachhedi pandar kodi, patola pachaas vahuji" (stanza 6) .
Tell me Apollo, for thy Daphne's love, What Cressid is, what Pandar, and what we: Her bed is India, there she lies, a pearl; Between our Ilium and where she resides Let it be called the wild and wand'ring flood, Ourself the merchant and this sailing Pandar Our doubtful hope, our convoy and our bark.