pancreatic duct

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a duct connecting the pancreas with the intestine

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Groove pancreatitis can occasionally mimic pancreatic adenocarcinoma given its focal nature, its propensity to cause strictures of the bile and pancreatic ducts, and its fibrotic character, which leads to decreased enhancement and T1 hypointensity.
7,24] Although CT may potentially identify a pancreatic laceration, it does not give information about the pancreatic duct.
Pancreatic duct stricture caused by islet cell tumors.
The relation between carcinoma of the gallbladder and an anomalous connection between the choledochus and the pancreatic duct.
77) It is also one of the first abnormalities seen after ligation of the pancreatic duct in other animal models.
Imaging revealed a stricture in the pancreatic duct.
The MRI images were randomized and independently reviewed by three radiologists for evaluation of the presence or absence of 10 pre-specified pancreatic duct abnormalities, image quality, visualization of the main pancreatic duct and confidence in diagnostic findings.
The dorsal pancreatic duct becomes the major pancreatic duct, emptying into the duodenum via the ampulla of Vater.
In addition, CP frequently displays calculi in the main pancreatic duct and/or in secondary ducts (Figure 1, A).
Moreover, the stent-induced changes that are commonly seen in the pancreatic duct have been reduced in animal studies of the winged stent.
This pediatric study will enroll up to 30 children with suspected pancreatic disease and will evaluate the ability of SecreFlo[TM] in combination with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to improve visualization of the pancreatic duct over MRI alone.
Because islet-cell tumors are generally soft, and lack associated desmoplastic reaction, they do not usually cause pancreatic duct obstruction or dilation.
Lapkus and colleagues (126) performed loss of heterozygosity (LOH) analysis on 40 (10 normal, 20 atypical, and 10 malignant) pancreatic duct brushings.
TORONTO -- A dose of morphine improves the ability of magnetic resonance to show biliary and pancreatic duct obstructions.
RG1068 has previously been shown in Phase 3 clinical trials to improve detection of pancreatic duct abnormalities in combination with MRI in patients with pancreatitis.