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  • crêpe
  • drop scone or Scotch pancake

Synonyms for pancake

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In the meantime the wicked step-mother was waiting at home for news of the girl's death, and preparing pancakes for the funeral feast.
Then the old woman tried to coax the doggie with more pancakes and to terrify it with blows, but he barked on, always repeating the same words.
A group of boarders were seated on the high stoop upon round, flat mats like German pancakes.
Then good food was set before them, milk and pancakes, with sugar, apples, and nuts.
I'm so sorry, but the tongs were too hot, and so I've made a mess," groaned poor Jo, regarding the little black pancakes with tears of regret.
Need I waste time in speaking of the art of weaving, and the management of pancakes and preserves, in which womankind does really appear to be great, and in which for her to be beaten by a man is of all things the most absurd?
com/en/national-pancake-day) IHOPs nationwide will be participating in National Pancake Day from 7 a.
THERE will be flipping great fun in Mold on Shrove Tuesday next week with the annual Pancake Races held in Daniel Owen Square.
GThe top chef, author and television personality says: "I know they say a bad workman blames his tools, but I always struggled to make pancakes that weren't a complete mess, until I invested in a pancake pan.
vietnamese pancakes with prawns "EVERYBODY loves a pancake," says Gizzi, but this is a something a bit different.
Twelve Pancake House branches are set to open in Saudi Arabia in the next five years.
Food writer and chef Gizzi Erskine gives MARION McMULLEN some flipping good pancake recipes IZZI ERSKINE, right, says there is an art to creating perfect pancakes.
After Christmas and before Easter, there's one date that will make you flip out with excitement, pancake day, aka Shrove Tuesday.
I also wanted to try a pancake technique that a friend of mine swears by.