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the vast grassy plains of northern Argentina

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Other signature dishes on the Pampas menu include Argentinean tapas such as chard fritters with aioli and tomato coulis, and delicious starters such as Patagonian octopus and Granny Smith sorbet and Argentinean king prawns with potatoes, aged cream and caviar.
Pampa will acquire all of the shares of Petrobras Participaciones S.
2], cada una, en cesped de puna (Pastizal no hidromorfico--PNH) denominadas Pampa 1 (P1), Pampa 2 (P2) y Pampa (P3) y 2 parcelas en el bofedal (Pastizal hidromorfico bofedal--PHB), denominadas Bofedal 1 (B1) y Bofedal 2 (B2), la diferencia en el numero de parcelas entre ambas formaciones vegetales se debio a la menor extension del bofedal en el sitio de estudio.
En dicho trabajo, divide el pais en cuatro regiones (Mesopotamia argentina, Region de las Pampas o Pampasia, Region de los Andes y Patagonia).
Las ciudades son islotes de civilizacion: la pampa las rodea como un mar de barbarie", escribio Enrique Anderson Imbert.
The pampa experience is intense here in this lifeless territory.
The first release was in La Pampa Province, not far from Santa Rosa.
Although it is generally advised that plants should be grouped in threes or fives, one specimen of pampas grass is more than enough for any border and then at the very back where it can cause least damage.
When complete in 2014, the Pampa Wind Project will cover some 400,000 acres in the Texas Panhandle and be five times as big as the nation's current largest wind power project, now producing 736 megawatts.
Unraced at two, Pampas Cat could not have been any more impressive on his debut at Newmarket, where he ruthlessly demolished a strong field.
Even though he is probably not an animal of the highest order, victory here would stand Pampas Cat in good stead for the likes of the King Edward VII Stakes at Royal Ascot.
La fisonomia dominante en las mesetas o "pampas" del sudeste de la provincia de Chubut es la Estepa Subarbustivo-herbacea en Pampa Vaca (Distrito Central) y Estepa Herbaceo-arbustiva en Pampa Salamanca (Distrito del Golfo San Jorge), con proporciones variables de especies subarbustivas, arbustivas y gramineas.
The latest chimichurri haven is the Pampas Cafe in Granada Hills, a casual, no-frills Argentine eating place that appears to be rapidly gaining in popularity, no doubt due to its reasonable prices.
Prime cuts of Aberdeen Angus and Hereford beef are being exported to the UK by Pampas Plains, which said Waitrose was very interested in the brand, alongside other major multiples.
I could only imagine pampas grass was a drug swingers' smoke but I didn't want to let on that I was too uncool to know.